Follow these steps for a Costco delivery

Call me, if I don't answer, text me and I will respond asap.

      1)  Take a photo of the item, item number and how many boxes so you can

            text or email me this information later.

       2) With your information about the item go and Pay for the item,

             do not bring it the items with you on an orange cart.

      3)  Go to the "Merchandise Pickup" area tell the supervisor that you hired

             Guy With A Truck/ Alex to deliver your items.

              The supervisor will make a  make a copy of your original receipt and 

              get the items ready for delivery when they have time.          

        4)  Pick up my business card from the Costco Employee.

        5) Text or email me a copy of original receipt that shows your Costco Membership                   number and date of purchase when you have time.

        6) Costco will hold your items for a day or 2, you don't need to meet me at Costco.

        7) You can contact me with your address when you have time.

        8)  The average delivery of new items locally is $75. Pay in Cash only.

           Price varies on how many boxes, what town and flights of stairs.


          Haul away your old furniture?

    We can haul away old items to the dump if we have time and space in the truck.

            Hauling items to the dump is a separate price than the delivery of new items.
            (The San Rafael dump has a $35 minimum charge)
      We do assemble some furniture, let me know exactly what items are.

My schedule/calendar can be viewed  by selecting the
calendar icon on the menu above.

Oh and Happy Shopping!