Hauling Trash away to

the dump, donation places, e-waste etc.

Prices are estimate based size of truck you need.

Example : small pickup truck - $50 to $75 plus dump fee

- full size pickup truck - $$100 plus dump fee

-12 foot box truck - $400 plus dump fee


If you would like a more exact estimate

text or email a photo of items to

the phone or email

415.240.9902 or guywithatruck@gmail.com


Please have information available before you  contact me.

Example: flights of stairs

items are in back yard

items are very heavy.

bring trash bags 


We don't charge extra to bring the items

to the e-waste, donation & recycling since they

are all close to each other in San Rafael.

What we recommend is separate the items for us

in containers such as batteries, donation etc.

You can just make piles at your place.

Too many people are putting hazardous waste in trash

bags when they move and we end up having to separate

this at the dump.